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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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telling you about a tasty, healthy snack. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. please, remember, the spin stop its right here because we are definitely looking out forou. >> sean: and this is a fox news alert. there is chaos in cirrhot tonight on the 11th year anniversary of 9/11. thousands of egyptians scaled the walls of the u.s. embassy and replaced the american flag with a black, islamist flag. the a.p. is report that this replacement flag is similar to a banner used by al qaeda and that some in the crowd were chanting, quote, we are osama. they were protesting a u.s.-produced film that attacks the prophet mohammed. there are no american injuries or casualties. this is the first time ever that the u.s. embassy in cairo was breached. we will continue to follow this development out of the region.
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much more coming up on this program. but first, we begin way "hannity" cable exclusive. bob woodward is the author of a brand-new book that has all of washington talking, called "the price of politics" and it takes you into the negotiating rooms of the capitol and the white house and exposes how the president tried and failed to restore the american economy. now this book raises some very serious questions about the president's ability to look beyond politics and lead the nation during times of great consequence. and here to talk about that and much more is the man himself, the author of "the price of politics," available in bookstores everywhere. bob woodward. good to see you. i read the book cover to cover. i want every american to read it for this reason -- it should make everybody angry at the level of dysfunction at a time -- you say, the american people have never had any real knowledge of just how severe
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this was. >> i mean, it was the kind of crisis that took the country's economy to the cliff. president obama, when i interviewed him for the book said they were days away from having $5 billion in the u.s. treasury. that's it. now, that's half a day's federal spending. if you think about it, to let that happen -- not just the president, but the republicans -- could have said -- sent shockwaves through the country, could have done things to the american economy that tim geithner, the treasury secretary said would have been worse than the 1930s depression. >> sean: i mean, it's so dysfunctional. it's far worse than we ever said. here's what really bothers me in all of this. we have 25 million un- and under-employed americans. one in six americans in poverty. 49 million americans on food stamps in this country. we are really -- and nearly $6
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trillion at the end of obama's first term in new debt. this is be a game anymore. this is about as serious a crisis as we have faced since the great depression and getting worse. >> and this was last year. they fixed it by postponing everything. >> sean: yeah. >> no cut, no tax increases. no sensible alinement of the federal budget. so we are going to in december or january be back in the same mess and the federal government is going to be in the position where there is no congressional authorization to pay its bills. now, this as you will know, this is a federal government that borrows $1 trillion a year. we have got -- i mean-- more. >> in the book, as you went through it, tim geithner, to his credit, who is running around saying, fire! we have got to fix this! we are going to do potentially
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something that will be indelible and last for generations. it is going to screw up everything. and when you get into the details, you realize that it could have been fixed. >> sean: yeah. >> quite frankly, i think bill clinton or ronald reagan would have sat down and said, we can't let this happen. >> sean: you go into detail in the book about how ronald reagan -- remember, i don't know if you mention tip o'neill, but you talk about his liaisons to congress. both me and bill clinton, on the phone late at night. they had relationships with congress. that's know the case with president obama. >> that's right. and the white house was saying, oh, this is something -- my conclusion. it's in the book, larry summers, the economic czar for obama in the white house for the first two years. and he says, obama has no feeling for the game of politics, no sense of the joy of the game. and in fact does not like these
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people up in congress. and so, he's cut off. he has not got the sort of phone call relationship, personal relationship where he can call somebody up and say, look, let's -- let's do this. let's do a deal that's in the larger interest of the country. >> sean: on the brink, they were going to have $5 billion in the treasury -- not trillion. $5 billion. we are basically out of money. >> yes, dry. >> sean: done. finished. we are right up to the brink here. the president doesn't have a good relationship with congress. behind the scenes, you describe him meeting with the speaker of the house, john boehner, the cigarette summit. >> boehner said, here obama is having iced tea and chewing nicorettes and boehner's having a merlot and a cigarette. >> sean: they are trying to get this deal together. >> to their credit. >> sean: i will agree with that. to their credit, except, i
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wouldn't have liked that as a conservative. barron was agreeing to do something that the tea party would have had a fit about, which is raising, what? $800 billion in taxes and obama wants $400 billion more at last minute. >> yes, boehner's argument that $800 billion over 10 years in new revenue through tax reform, which is what ronald reagan did in 1986 and actually lowered the income tax rate down to 28%. it's hard. but it's been done. and it was one way to -- to get out of this. but you are absolutely right. it's the president who comes in and says, oh, we need $400 billion more in some form or his position is, he offered it, hey, john-- at the last minute. >> kind of last minute. when you get into the nitty-gritty dill tac, you
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wonder, well, why would he do that? he did it because six senators came out with a new plan and david plouffe, the senior political adviser in the white house, the man who was obama's 2008 campaign manager says, oh, wait a minute, this is a watershed moment. this will give boehner more maneuvering room because some republicans are calling for more... revenue. and the congressional liaison in the white house tells the president, look, if you don't do this, you are going to be seen as the weakest president in all of mankind. and in that kind of environment, the president impulsivelily goes out, endorses the plan and boehner is trying to -- go ahead. >> sean: you know what infuriated me as all of this is going on, the president's fixation on one issue. that this can't come up again before the election. i think the one thing that might
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have helped, if it did come up before the election because it would be self-serving at that moment that they might have the pressure of getting something done. and i thought, that bothered me that it was -- he was thinking about electoral politics while we are on the brink of bankruptcy. >> that's one side of the argument. the other side of the argument is, can you imagine having this kind of a crisis in the middle of a presidential campaign? >> sean: might get something done. >> but you know what happened last year, getting something done was postponing everything to 2013. they did nothing -- not this pain fl at the time. >> sean: that's the story here for the american people. they didn't have the courage, the ability to navigate through the tough times and they pushed it up to 2013. you know what the cbo is projecting, a very bad year next year. >> a government recession. >> sean: it's the most predictable economic crisis we have ever had. you had fascinating insights
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about paul ryan. i will ask but that when we come back. more with bob woodward and breaking news from egypt. protesters storming the u.s. embassy in cairo. more dramatic pictures of this very volatile situation. and dana perino, juan williams and america's mayor, giuliani, will be here as we mark the anniversary of the september 11 attacks, straight ahead. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." tonight, i will be joined by karl rove, dana perino and juan williams and giuliani. we begin with the author of the book, the price of politics, bob woodward. have you funny anecdotes -- he's 28. >> he's elected and he goes to the house floor and they won't
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let him on because they say, oh, you are a staffer. he has to get one of those pins and get people to know him. also what was interesting, as soon as he went to congress, he's a research guy. and he said, how due do a -- how do do you a good job as a congressman? he went to, of all people, bernie frank and took him to breakfast and said, what's the key? and barney frank said, one -- learn one thing, learn it well. don't be a generalist. and he did-- he did! >> the budget andimony and our finances. and probably in a very clear way, the most important issue in the presidential campaign we now face. >> sean: you spend a lot of time at georgetown. this is when the president said, republicans want kids with autism and down's syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves. paul ryan is sitting in the front row.
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>> right. the president said he didn't know. this was something somebody in his congressional relations. i believe him. and there is evidence that he did not-- jack ryan by the way. >> he called him jack ryan. the clancy character. when i asked the president about this a couple of months ago, to his credit, he said, that was a mistake. we should not have done that. and he is quite right. ryan was -- and the others were, wait a minute. he's poisoned the well. we are supposed to be able to work something out and he has me there and sticks his finger in both eyes. >> sean: it was a bad moment. but i would argue -- and this is the political side of me -- so let me put that hat on. >> i understand it. >> sean: i would argue that this president does that a lot. kids with autism, down's syndrome, the elderly to fend for themselves. i am a conservative. no conservative advocates that. even bill clinton regurgitated
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that at the dnc convention. but when you listen to the president, you watch him over time, he does this all the time. here's what i don't understand. how does he explain what you detail in this book about this crisis, his lack of leadership, how does he explain $5.4 trillion in debt when he said george bush was irresponsible for $4 trillion in 8 years. we took a credit card to the bank of china. he blames the republicans. he blames john boehner. he said, boehner was the one -- and he's right -- as you well know, there is a war going on in the republican party-- boehner was there with a deal that i wouldn't have liked as a conservative and obatcha adds $4 and00 billion to the deal? >> it was for political reasons. it derailed the whole thing. now whether it would have worked, we don't know. it's for history to speculate.
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at the same time, i spent the last four years studying obama with this policy. i know you are not going to agree with this. but there is a genuine progressive in him. there is also a genuine blue dog, fiscal conservative-- where?! >> where? >> sean: $4 tril whereon in debt?! >> yes. but let me tell thu. he early on in all of these budget negotiations, he said to kent conrad, the democratic senator, he said, look, fifix this i am willing to be a one-term president-- -- >> when i talked to obama, he said, i am willing to lose an election to get this right? >> the rhetoric is there. >> it is this kind of engagement, this sense of, i have got to fix this. i have to--
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but wait a minute. in your book -- i don't remember the words you used, but you said he failed. >> yes. he did. boehner fail audio. >> sean: but he could have -- he could have made this happen. >> but the president is the leader of the country. and this is -- i tell you that you know this and the conservative knows this, any liberal knows this. if we don't fix this, we are screwed as a country. now, it should be the biggest issue in the presidential campaign. and it is not coming up. why? >> sean: look, i want people to read it because -- if they do, they will be angrier, if it's possible at government in general. on both sides in this sense. but it is a very revealing, insightful book. thanks for being with us. coming up, democrats are touting some newly released polls. but karl rove is here to expose the hidden truth behind the numbers. and later, continued coverage of the breaking news out of cairo,
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where protesters have stormed the u.s. embassy. what will president obama do about it? the american flag was burned on the screets in egypt. and rudy guiliani, dana perino and juan williams, all coming [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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from the obama administration, so far they've done nothing, except telling netanyahu they probably won't be meeting with him. your reaction? >> well, look.
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it, they did do something, putting out a statement from the state department that seemed to decry this is supposedly generated from a christian exile from egypt putting together a video. what they seemed to do is blame the christians for expression of religious freedom and say people should be making and abusing -- muslims should be make things like this and this is no excuse for invading u.s. territory, and ripping down american flag. where was the egyptian central government police force supposed to protect amnesty. >> that black flag, there is no god but allah. and ap said pro testers were largely ultraconservative islamics. >> right.
9:24 pm
right. where is the egyptian government? can you imagine what would happen if a group of americans tore down egyptian flag and hung up a protestant flag or a church flag? the world would be up in arms but this administration, if you don't think they did anything read the statement that came out from the state department that was apalling. and there is apparently little effort by the central government in egypt to keep the committees intact. >> and there are very days the obama administration defined by netanyahu to say they may be in ohio campaigning. i guess that is more important. though we're in a brink of a she down z moving on. there is specifically, you
9:25 pm
read these polls. this is a bigger story among independents. and we didn't have this problem for a while. take a look. these are polls that have come out in last two or three days. there is 33 democrats, 36, independents the same day cnn 15.4% democrats, 45.2, 4% republicans. 4.2% independents. there is which is it? there is a goal uppoll in which democrats have an eight-point advantage. what ever reason there are a bunch of polls. and cnner neither oversampled democrats or in the case of
9:26 pm
cnn grossly underestimated the percentage of independents that are going to be here, the average puts this into perspective. these polls give us a tense of precision which they do not have. >> and reading polls, real clear average. this race is too close to call. how does romney strategicly close the deal in your opinion? >> i think by doing two things. at the convention he dialed up the explanation of who he was. mitt romney and ann romney both did that. and now, mitt romney and paul ryan keeping some of the personal information coming putting focus on the plan to help. more american energy, trade that works for america and determining every american has
9:27 pm
skills to put our fiscal house in order and creating jobs. need to get meat on to the bones. there is plenty of meat there and so forth. and they need to put and they talked about it because look, there is a plan of resolving the tax code, and cutting the deficit. and a real plan to bring the budget into battle. these things matter to people. >> and engaging controversy. and this is the president saying this is far worse than i thought so maybe there is a depression but didn't measure it. the word i stopped this and this was going to be the and that worked. >> yes. >> and don't leave it
9:28 pm
unrebutted. the abc poll, 34% said major reasons to support it. 41% the major reason to oppose it. does he understand how to build a small business? romney, 66% say. 28% say no. and this is when asked do you think the economy got better, got worse, 43. same, 44. and there are 77% of the people saying this economy is where it is when when he came in? do you think obama deserves a lot of blame or some blame for the fact the economy hasn't grown? 71% say a lot of blame. and some blame. 34 for the economy not improving only 29% say should have a little, that is is a or none, 14. so the economy remains a big
9:29 pm
stumbling block for this guy. and that is not what you said at the beginning of this and it's not good enough for the american people. >> 56 days to go. it's 4th quarter. >> and coming up, disturbing images ut of egypt. remember this? >> it will be the policy of united states to promote reform across the region. that effort begin was egypt. >> how could he be so wrong? a myth, the 11th anniversary of september 11th. how could they be so wrong? more shocking video still to come. we remember 911 with rudy giuliani. [ female announcer ] you can learn a lot about a minivan
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>> sean: shocking scenes out of cairo on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. protesters scaling the wall of the u.s. embassy and tearing down the american flag with a black flag with the words, there is no god except allah. protesters believe the u.s. has a film out that insulted the prophet mohamma.
9:34 pm
the egyptians have elected a muslim brotherhood member to head their country. this is the first place in the middle-east that president obama promised to bring, quote, democracy to. joining me is dana perino and doug -- dough schoen. they got it wrong with the muslim brotherhood from day one. it was never a democracy movement, it was always inevitable that the brotherhood would take over. we have agreed on that. >> we have agreed for a long timing. the united states has only apologized for this film. we haven't condemned this horrific attack-- why is he apologizing for it? >> i don't know! it makes no earthly sense. >> sean: this is the state department doing this. >> right! the state department. dana! where are they? >> the state department -- look, if i am being charitable, probably -- maybe they knew something that they were going to spark more outrage if they didn't say something. >> sean: like spiking the football in the campaign to say
9:35 pm
you killed bin laden -- >> there has been a lot of talk about hard truth. but the people in the muslim world -- world can double team deal with hard truths as well. they need to be communicated to in a way that they could understand. the other thing is that there were other protests that were sparked today. and an american citizen died -- >> in libya! >> it is not just happening in egypt. it is happening across the middle-east because of a video that was produced in the united states. >> sean: why do i think we are watching, before our eyes, we are living through the rise of radical islamists and the president gets a call, b.b. netanyahu wants to meet with him -- he may be in ohio -- >> and on letterman. >> where is the president! we haven't heard from him. it's the anniversary of 9/11, sean. two of our om bassies are being attacked, the muslim brotherhood is blaming us-- -- >> our president opal --
9:36 pm
apologizing. >> sean: $1.5 billion. >> on the egyptian piece, there are reports that the egyptian intelligence knew-- the day before. >> and they did not dog anything to prevent it-- our embassy. >> that's a bigger problem. >> sean: $1.5 billion -- >> he knew. where was obama? last week, he was in tehran at the movement with ahmadinejad. >> sean: why are we giving them our tax dollars? >> i'm all for-- first thing, when the muslim brotherhood took over parliament, they said israel is their number-1 enemy. benjamin netanyahu w with the president. he didn't have time. this is what netanyahu said earlier today. this is person that the world hears this. >> the world tells israel, wait! there is still time. and i say... wait until what?
9:37 pm
wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. i think iran must understand that there is a red line so they stop advancing on their program to produce atomic bomb. >> sean: this is something president obama doesn't have -- it's called moral clarity. >> there is no red line. we don't have one. what netanyahu is saying, please, united states, step up, be clear. set out your criteria and live by it. you know what? we don't have them. >> sean: all right. let's go back to june of 2009. this is president obama,acy and harmony, his apology tour. this is in cairo. >> i'm grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality of the people of egypt. i am also proud to carry with me
9:38 pm
the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace for muslim communities in my country. i have come here to cairo to seek a new beginning, between the united states and muslims around the world. that is what i will try to do today, to speak the truth as best i can. humbled by the task before us and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart. america respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices, to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them. and we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments, provided they govern with respect for all their people. the people of the world can live together in peace. we know that is god's vision. now that must be our work here
9:39 pm
on earth. >> sean: well? >> well, that was 2009 and way before the arab spring. there are three reasons you would decline a meeting with the prime minister of israel. you think it is not a priority, you think it's a waste of time or you are trying to send a signal. i would imagine that it's a third one 92 and the signal is? >> it is terribly inveept for to you speak a meeting with me in the middle of a re-election campaign-- and they are on the verge -- >> we have to hear from the president of the united states, immediately, to tell the truth as we all know it. we are under attack. we are under siege. we have to stand up against people who support terrorism. >> sean: it's interesting. through the prism of history, we know obama failed, yet fewer americans working. it will be $6 trillion in new debt. but it is this, national security, may be the biggest failure -- >> this is not politics, sean. this isn't democrats and republicans. this is about the security of our nation, our values, and
9:40 pm
where we are and who we are. >> there is no need for the israel relationship with the united states to be in question and unfortunately-- it is in question. >> it is a political-- because of president obama. >> we need to hear from him. >> sean: i agree with that, too. good to see you. as the chicago teachers strike continue, the republican presidential ticket is backing democratic mayor rom emanuel. but -- rahn emanuel. but president obama is refusing to support his former chief of staff. and we will have the latest on the highly volatile situation and then rudy guiliani is here, in the studio, as we remember the victims on this, the 11th anniversary of that fateful day where we lost 3,000 fellow america
9:41 pm
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9:45 pm
more of the moral courage that this president is so well known for on display. juan williams and the author of the brand-new book, "divider in chief: the fraud of hope and change." i got to blurb this book. very proud of t. it's a terrific new read and book. >> thanks? >> so, let me start here. the president's in a tough spot. the president, he gave $1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood and pushed mubarak out and they are raiding our embassy and the pathetic statement, blaming coptic christians and he can't go against the teachers unions. >> it is an offensive statement, by the way. to say that we should be worried about the feelings of muslims. how about christians and gays and jews all over the world -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he says, one of his fundamental responsibilities is do protect the feelings of muslims. this is offensive. but, sean, i think the president
9:46 pm
is going to jump head long into this. hawm-bo knows he has to. he has to continue to stir the pot. he will say that the republicans, mitt romney and paul ryan, are assaulting the teachers unions, like he did in wisconsin, whenever it benefits him -- noose? >> that's why he won't get into it. he has already taken a position. let me bring in juan williams. where is president courage you? know, here he is, 76,000 dollars, the teachers make, the average fortune in chicago makes $45 grand and 45% of the kids don't graduate inform fourth grade, only 15% are profit proficient in reading. >> i know this situation intimately because i did a video online with education activist, kyle olson, called tale of two missions. and it tells the story. teacher evaluations have become
9:47 pm
critical. so you have democrats, like hawm emanuel, now saying, we have to have teacher evaluations. emanuel says we need longer days and has offered them more pay. they are making over $70,000 a year-- $76. >> he is offering increases and said he would provide more teachers -- hire more teachers to cover the longer days. this is all part what havearnie duncan, president obama's education secretary-- where's obama. >> education reform. >> sean: where is he?! >> he is right there. >> sean: he hasn't said a word. jay carney said the president's not going to take sides in this. >> this is a local strike. but i have to tell you, everything you see from president obama's education supportr department -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean. >> 2007, he said he would march in the picket lines if workers' rights were denied. >> this president -- thank you -- >> visome comfortable shoes at home. if it's hot outside, i have a
9:48 pm
hat. if it's cold outside, i have a jacket. but if you are being denied your rights, i don't care whether i enemy the united states senate or in the white house, i will make sure that i am marching with you on the picket lines because that's what i believe in, making sure the workers have rights! you have a partner with me! >> sean: he can't criticize the teachers union, he needs their money. >> he dis. the democrats are going to say, it's a local matter, that the president can't get involved. please! this president has jumped into every mess from louis gates to the beer sum to it trayvon martin, again and again. he gets involved, only when tell benefit him. >> sean: where is he?! he gave $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to the muslim brotherhood. islamists just hit our embassy and took our flag down and put an al qaeda flag up there! where is he?! >> excuse me. excuse me. i believe that the bush administration and the obama administration-- george bush's fault!
9:49 pm
>> freedom agenda. >> sean: bush's fault! bush -- this was never pro-democracy, juan! this was also the muslim brotherhood was going to be in power! >> this president has been steadfast in supporting in promoting islam, he does not coo. >> come okate. he is not promoting -- >> he never promotes christians -- >> he is not i. absolutely, again and again [overlapping dialogue] >> he is promoting america's national -- just a moment, kate. >> sean: we have to run. >> he is promoting america's. >> sean: we have to run. >> freedom for anybody except islam. >> sean: coming up next, we remember the lives lost 11 years remember the lives lost 11 years ago, september 11, america a [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology,
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>> scripture tells us, doubt be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. there is no better way to honor the best in those who died than by discovering the best in ourselves. this anniversary allows us to renew our faith that even the darkest night gives way to a brighter dawn. >> sean: president obama speaking in a memorial ceremony at the pentagon earlier this morning, as the nation mourns and remembers thousands who lost their lives 11 years ago today,
9:54 pm
a day that will forever live in infamy, when america was attacked by forces of evil. joining me to remember that trangic day, september 11, 2001, america's mayor, rudy guiliani. this is not political, but your leadership during that time was amazing. i remember moments where you said, hey, we have to keep living, when you went on letterman. when he said to you, can we laugh again? those were important moments for the country. sent a strong message. >> i had tremendous support. tonight, after i leave you, vidinner with a hundred people who were with me and helped me, got me through t. we get together every september 11 and just remember people we lost. i thank them for all the support they gave me. i wouldn't have got through it by myself. when i was knighted by keen elizabeth, i said to her that i stood on the shoulders of gand r them. it was really true. hitremendous people.
9:55 pm
>> sean: well, it was -- you know what my fear is -- this is my greatest fear. look at what is happening, as mubarak was being thrown under the bus by president obama -- i am not trying to get political -- i think we are watching egypt, middle-east and africa and the muslim brotherhood, i think we are watching the rise of radical islamists. i fear, you listen to reuters, they were quoting that flack flag says there is no god but allah and al qaeda is its messenger. >> that speech that president obama gave in cairo, might be looked back on as that was the wrong message to send. the reality is that -- we had a good handle -- what was really going on inside egypt and what is going on -- we don't have a handle inside syria. we can't get russia to help us. we can't get china to help us, even though we reset our relationship with russia, which
9:56 pm
is kindave joke. you know, all of that worries me. but none of it as much as iran. all the rest of it, i think we handle. we cannot handle iran having nuclear weapons. >> sean: every indication is that it is close. >> it is not just lobbing missiles into israel or saudi arabia. it is their handing off nuclear material to the terrorist who is are presentlily in an ongoing relationship and giving arms to. if they are giving them arms, it's easy to sneak in nuclear material and have them set up a dirty bomb to paris, los angeles and lie about it, which they do as a matter of course, anyway. >> sean: we see the images of 11 years ago today, and then i am thinking, all right, how often have we heard that the radical extremists want to wipe israel off the map. they keep thumbing their nose at world opinion, pursuing nuclear weapons. can we one day wake up in the holocaust that their stated desire is true?
9:57 pm
>> i think have you to take them seriously. we didn't take them seriously enough before september 11. osama bin laden declared war on us and kale killed our sailors on the cole and we didn't retaliate. the first trade center adispace we had a criminal proceeding. he declared war on us and we didn't pick up that there was a war. the more we go into a shell of denial, the more danger we are in. you know, this whole idea that we don't want to call it a war on terror. that's irrelevant. it is their war against us. >> sean: has been for 30 years! what i see today, it's still going on. >> look at the pictures that have you on the screen, of course, it is going on. we don't get into the schools all over the middle-east -- children are being taught to kill jewish people, kill americans. >> sean: why would the president, then, decline prime minister netanyahu's request for a meeting because he says, i might have to be in ohio campaigning. that's what they said today. >> i mean, it's apparently par
9:58 pm
for the course for the president. he has cancelled half of his national security briefings, that's unheard of. he has a surrogate get national security briefings. i have no idea, why did they take jerusalem out of the cal capitol of israel in the democratic platform and boo god. why did the president write a letter to the ayatollah, begging him to negotiate? what planet are you living on. >> sean: when you think back on 9/11, what memory stands out the most in your mind? that day? >> the memory of a man throwing him from the 101st floor. i had been told that people were throwing themselves out of the building-- saw this. >> i looked up and i saw debris. i thought maybe the report was edgeageerated or -- all of a sudden, i saw this man and i am sure i cooperate see his face, but i thought i saw him with
9:59 pm
this indecision and he threw himself down 100 stories. >> sean: obviously, burning, fire. >> when he jumped, as soon as he jumped, a big flame shot out of the -- behind him. boy, we are into something way beyond anything that happened before. having lived through it and watched a lot of people die during this, this was a battle. this was an act of war. this was like -- this was like being bombed during the second world war, in some case, even worse. these two big buildings, hit by buildings, big cloud in the street for hours and hours, people hit with debris. these people came here. they attacked us because they are not -- they are not confused -- we are confused. they are not confused. >> sean: i'm not confused. you are not confused. >> i am not. they are at war with us. i don't see that we have much of a choice. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you. thank you for all you did in the days and
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